Bathtub Replacement & Shower Installation Services

Making the decision to renovate your bathroom could be a no brainer, or something to ponder quite a bit. If you’ve decided to renovate your bathroom in Rhode Island, it may be worth installing a bathtub and shower if you have the space, especially since they are excellent additions to any bathroom when used in combination.

Although a shower is more functional and less time-consuming than a bathtub, you can invest in high-quality designs and materials to transform your bathroom into a picture of elegance.

Your current bathtub may have seen better days, so it’s worth considering a bathtub replacement, especially if you want to upgrade your current living condition, starting with the bathroom.

Depending on your budget, you can choose between the best materials and styles, ensuring you create the bathroom of your dreams by either building your own customizable bathtub or finding the perfect brand to install.

On the other hand, a standing shower replacement is cheaper and can still create an elegant feel in your bathroom.

Let’s explore some details of a bathroom shower and tub installation.

Standing Shower Installation – What to Expect

Showers account for a significant percentage of water bills, which is why many homeowners prefer buying showerheads that utilize less water while producing the same results.

There are many ways to enhance your bathroom’s appeal when using standing showers, such as installing glass panels, displaying beautiful tiled walls, and implementing the latest showerhead designs, depending on your budgeting constraints.

Even if you’re considering replacing your broken showerhead, you can choose options with superior waterproofing capabilities and unique finishes, making it possible to browse through endless varieties of items to pick the best one for your needs.

One of the latest designs you can find is a showering area for two people. It should have enough room for two showerheads, making it possible to create a dual-showerhead enclosure where couples can combine their morning routines.


Once you’ve identified where to install the standing shower in Rhode Island, how big the enclosure must be, and what showerhead designs are most appealing for your use, you can approach the right professionals for the installation.

The plumber or architect will decide the right height for the showerhead and valve depending on how tall you are, ensuring they install it perfectly in accordance with the accessories on your list, such as body sprays and steam units.

In-floor heating and smart controls are luxury options for those who can afford them, allowing you to add them to your renovated bathroom after finalizing how you will waterproof the enclosure, using either a mortar bed or prefab foam components.

Shower doors are also an important part of a standing shower installation in Rhode Island, and some types you can expect to install are open and shut, spray screen, and the space-saving bi-fold – you’re quite spoiled for choice here.

There are countless ways to create the perfect standing shower installation, which is only limited by your creativity and research since there are various designs online to draw inspiration from.

If you’re looking to do the job properly, it is better to leave the installation in the hands of professionals, as they will get the measurements right and can bring samples for you to choose from.

Bathtub Replacement and Installation – What to Expect

If you’re looking to replace your bathtub in Rhode Island, there’s a few things you must consider.

These include coming up with a tub design by sifting through various bathtub models from catalogs and online images, researching the best materials to use, finding the best brands, deciding the size, and hiring an experienced plumber for the job.

You might be unsure about the bathtub type you want, making it important to select a basic blueprint while choosing the material that’s best suited for a luxury experience.

Cheaper materials can cause issues such as warping and rusting, which is something to avoid if you’re looking for longevity.

Since there are so many bathtub brands to choose from, you will have to do your research to find the best companies in your area, allowing you to assess the pros and cons based on online reviews. Doing your research is vital when getting a bathtub replacement, or install.


Once you’ve selected an appropriately sized bathtub made of the material you like and determined its style, you can hire a plumber to take bathroom measurements and test the bathroom flooring to ensure it can easily withstand the weight.

If there are any issues with the plumbing and the pipes need to be realigned, your installation project will cost more, which is to be expected since you’re replacing your outdated tub with a newer one.

It makes sense to hire a professional for their expert opinion, especially if you are unsure how to proceed and which area is best suited for installation.

Although a DIY job may seem appealing, if you have zero experience renovating bathrooms, you will likely do a poor job if you just follow online tutorials since there is skill involved in bathroom renovation and bathtub installation.

You can work on the surrounding bathroom décor once you’ve installed the fundamentals, allowing you to blend the designs together to create a visually striking effect.

Hire a Professional for Shower & Bathtub Replacement

Installing a standing shower or bathtub in Rhode Island for your bathroom is not that complicated if you’ve done your research and know what materials you will need, making it possible for the plumber you hire to provide insights that make the job easier.

Any plumbing issues, such as broken pipes or pipe alignment, need to be considered by hiring the right professional, especially since it is worth getting the installation right the first time.

Your home’s resale value will likely increase if your bathroom is newly renovated, which is one source of motivation if you’re still on the fence when it comes to investing in a shower or bathtub installation in Rhode Island.

Although it is possible to install a bathtub and shower together, in most cases, you may want to pick one according to your preference, especially if you are limited by space.